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Spring Cleaning
Did you know that your keyboard can be dirtier than your bathroom?!
Steps to clean a dirty keyboard
1) Get some canned air
2) Disconnect your keyboard from the computer
3) Turn it upside down
4) Spray in between the keys with compressed air, being careful to keep the air can upright.
5) You'll be shocked at the dust and cookie crumbs!
6) After you've blown it out thoroughly, wipe the keys gently with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
7) Don't use any strong cleaners
8) Let dry thoroughly
9) Plug it in again
This should take care of most sticky keys!

"Gestures" are just a fancy way of saying "Use your fingers!"
On a tablet (or smart phone) we can do the following to get around in this mouse-free environment.

Swipe the screen
(left or right, up or down) Swipe takes you from page to page of applications on your tablet screens or page to page in books or web sites. Swipe up from the bottom or down from the top of the tablet or phone (depending on how your tablet works) Accesses additional menus or actions for the screen or program you are in.

(Pinch fingers in towards the center of the screen) Zoom Out to make things smaller - for any web page, map etc.

Pinch your fingers together then place them on the screen and spread in an outward motion on the screen.
This Zooms you IN to make things bigger - for any web page; especially those not set up to work well on tablet or smart phones

Tap and hold.
When you tap and hold, you get a little vibration of the screen. If you are touching a blank area of the screen, you will be prompted to choose something to add to the page/screen, such as a shortcut to a program or a widget (more on widgets below)
If you touch and hold a shortcut icon already on the screen, the icon you have touched becomes highlighted, indicating that you can now reposition it on the screen, move it to a new screen or even drag it to the trash can (which appears at the same time.)

Widgets are just programs that are running in real time on your tablet. An example would be a weather app that updates itself every hour or so or a clock.

1. Open Only Links & Downloads You Trust.
2. Turn Off HTML In Emails if you are very concerned about viruses.
3. Do Not Open Unsolicited Email Attachments.
4. Understand How Email Scams & Phishing Attacks Work.
5. Do Not Be Intimidated Or Fooled By Scare Tactics in emails.
6. Scan Any External Drives You Connect To Your Computer before transfering files to and from them.
7. Pay Attention to the Fine Print When Installing Software.