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Electricity is your computer's lifeblood,
and it can suffer a severe crisis if that lifeblood courses through it with too much or too little pressure (voltage). Every year, Americans suffer losses of over $80 billion from electrical damage. A $10 power strip is no safeguard against the electrical havoc of lightning strikes and blackouts.

What you need is an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
A UPS provides solid protection against electrical spikes and is equipped with a powerful battery backup to ensure a steady and continued energy flow during brownouts and blackouts. A good UPS will give 15-75 minutes of backup power as well as constant voltage regulation. If you already have a UPS, now is a good time to test it and make sure the battery is not depleted.

What's a good name brand and where do I get these things?
I like APC brand - available at Home Depot, Fry's Electronics and Walmart. APC Battery Back up from Walmart

You don't need the biggest, fanciest model - $60-$80 will get you what you need. Show this email to the guy at the store and he'll know what you want (and won't try to sell you a more expensive model). Installation at home should take 5-10 minutes and you can always call me if you have questions about what to plug in where.

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