M. Bryant Enterprises

  Computer Consultants

I offer many different services for both the home computer user and the business person.

Quarterly Maintenance
What is Quarterly Maintenance? Why do I need it? Your computer needs to have a tuneup every now and then, just like your car does. I help keep your computer running smoothly so you can avoid catatrophic crashes.

I run all needed virus scans, install high quality anti-virus software that doesn't miss things, defrag hard drives, clean up junk files and in short do everything needed to keep your computer in excellent shape!

Did you know?
The majority of my work is done remotely. This is both cost-effective and convenient for my clients. All you need is reliable internet and my preferred remote connection software and you're all set!

Emergency Virus removal service
If you suspect a virus, don't wait! Call or email me and get help now!
Michelle Bryant: 602-861-1738   michelle@helpmedoc.com

General Issue Troubleshooting
Tell me what the problem is. I can help!

Printer set up
Any Printer

Computer Match-up service
Are you in need of a new computer? Not sure which one is best for you? No idea how to compare new computers? Why not let an expert help you out. My free computer match-up service takes the hassle and stress out of computer shopping and frees you up for more important things.

Home Network Set Ups
Is your current WiFi setup finicky or hard to connect to? Let me troubleshoot the problem and recomend a solution so you can use your home wifi network to its full potential.

Wireless Router Lockdown Service
Help keep your information secure and private by locking down your wireless router and network.

Private tutoring on a variety of computer related subjects:
Computer Basics
Specific Computer Programs
Smart Phones*
Other computer subjects depending on your needs.
*Your smart phones and tablets need antivirus protection too.

Professional Web Design & Hosting Services
See some of my work!

Professional Writing services
I write all my own copy and newsletters and can easily write on any subject needed.