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What to look for when buying a new computer.
I frequently get questions about what to look for when buying a new computer. Here are some guidelines so you can be an educated shopper and get the most for your money.

The Big Three.
1 CPU/Processor speed
2 Hard Drive Size
3 Memory (RAM)

CPU/Processor Speeds: How fast is fast?
When it comes to processor speeds, think “miles per hour.”
So, a 2.2 Gh processor goes 220 miles per hour.
And a 2.4 Gh processor goes 240 miles per hour.

Is there a difference in speed between those two? Yes, but not enough for you to notice or to have it interfere with your everyday computing tasks. Is there a difference in price? Yes. The faster the processor speed, the higher the overall price of a new machine.

Hard Drive Space/Size: How big is “big enough?“
These days new computers, both laptops and desktops usually come with 500Gb hard drives as a standard feature. That's about 100,000 photos or 500,000 Word processing documents worth of storage.

Other, more expensive laptop models will have 750Gb drives with desktops going up to a Terabyte (1,000Gb) or more! But the truth is the average person will probably never even come close to filling up a 500Gb drive. So 500Gb is more than enough space for you and me.

Thanks for the memory!
You can pretty much depend on new computers having with 4Gb of memory (also called RAM*). This is great. And plenty fast enough for at least 90% of us. Unless you are doing graphic design or fancy print work, you'll never need more than that.

Now that you know a few more tricks…
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