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February 3rd is Black Friday for BlackWorm
(or “How Kama Sutra Can Put You in a Bad Position)

(February 2, 2006)

This alert is being distributed at the last minute so please pardon grammatical errors and lack of usual quips, barbs and "the rest of the story" commentary. A very dangerous virus is on the loose and the attack triggers the 3rd of every month ... starting this Friday. This email worm is going straight for your most important documents, so full protection and preventative measures are a must.

BlackWorm, also known as "Kama Sutra" because of sexual references in the email, is an "old school" email worm. Modern worms eagerly search for ways to expose your computer to hackers and spyware. Blackworm just wants to delete everything that is important to you and make your life hell. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, compressed archives and a host of other file types will be irretrievably deleted if this malicious worm is activated on your computer.

In simple terms, once this virus activates - you're toast. BlackWorm first disengages your keyboard and mouse, thereby forcing you to reboot your computer manually. During reboot, the worm deactivates your virus protection and eliminates your prized (digital) posessions as you watch, helplessly. The good news is a BlackWorm attack can be prevented if you apply the basics of virus protection:

Are you Protected?
First things first, do you have a virus scanner on your computer? Is it turned on? Don't assume you are protected because the computer "came with a virus scanner" or someone told you you were protected (that includes me. I'm taking the time to warn you now - so I'm not taking the blame if you get hit). Verify that your protection is ON and is ACTIVATED. Went in doubt, call me.

Are You Sure You're Protected?
Q: When is an active virus scanner worse than no protection at all?
A: When it is out of date.

BlackWorm was discovered two weeks ago. When was your virus scanner last updated? Make sure you have today's virus definition installed. If you don't know how to update (or check) your virus scanner, call me.

Scan Now!
OK, your virus scanner is working and up-to-date. Run a complete system scan immediately and make sure BlackWorm hasn't already wriggled it's way into your computer. Having trouble scanning? Call me.

If It's Unexpected - It's Infected
This virus cannot harm you unless you download it. Don't open unexpected email attachments. If you are unsure about an email attachment, return it to the sender and ask them what it is - then call me.

Back It Up
OK, your protection is all in place and you have sworn off all suspicious or provocative email attachments. Excellent. Now, let's make sure your safety net is in place. Do a backup of all important files. Don't worry about the programs – the only programs BlackWorm targets are virus scanners. Get all your important data files backed up and safely tucked away. Not sure what to back up or how to do it? Call me - fast.

When in Doubt ...
Hopefully, my not-too-subtle hint has reached home. When in doubt, call me at (602) 861-1738. Do not take a chance with this virus. A 15 minute Virtual Consultation today or Friday can prevent the concentrated hell of a BlackWorm virus attack.

My Saturday schedule will be reserved for those who either did not get or did not heed this warning.

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