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A Cutting Edge Solution to an Age Old Problem

(July 1, 2005)

Q: "I have a frustrating computer problem and I need help now! Is there a fast and painless way to get this computer to work?"

If you have the irresistible urge to introduce your computer to the working end of a sledgehammer, you are not alone in your frustration. New technology and support troubles are an age-old source of distress. Letís take a look at a classic example and a cutting edge solution to your woes.

A Problem for the Ages
In 1874, Mark Twain was introduced to a new machine that he believed was going to revolutionize the way people communicate. In a letter to his brother, Howells, the famous authorís enthusiasm had turned to disdain as he blamed his new word processor for ruining his morals. He found the machine, the typewriter, made him swear.

"Blame my cats", wrote Twain "but this thing requires a genius to work it just right".

Problem Solved
In his day, Twain felt new technology required a genius. Fortunately, a new advancement in technical support lightens the burden of computer-related anxieties. Virtual Consulting is an interactive online service that allows a computer consultant to solve your troubles from anywhere in the world. Whether you are working on your office system in Phoenix, Arizona or on a laptop in Perth, Australia, if you can connect to the internet we can solve your computer issues. This dynamic service makes for a dramatic savings of time and money.

"Over 90% of your computer needs can be serviced by a Virtual Consultation"

Most problems can be completely resolved virtually. Need to have a nasty virus or skulking piece of spyware removed? Let your computer doctor disinfect your system with an online house call. Trying to install a new program or setup a new printer? New additions will fall into place with some online help. Do you need a PC tuneup or some hands-on training? With Virtual Consulting, you can instantly receive the help you need for your specific problem. Over 90% of your computer needs can be serviced or assisted by a Virtual Consultation.

Clients Love Virtual Consulting

"That was incredible. I really needed help fast and this was a life-saver!" proclaimed one relieved client after his first Virtual Consulting session. "This was a gift - right when I needed one."

"Oh my God!" exclaimed another client, "Itís like youíre right inside my computer. I can see everything youíre doing. This is terrific!"

Now, Itís Your Turn
Virtual Consulting enhances your computing experience in ways that you simply must see for yourself. Right now, you have a chance to experience Virtual Consulting without obligation. Call us at (602) 861-1738 or email your request to and receive 15 minutes of virtual consulting absolutely free.

Final Note
Despite his "moral dilemma", Mark Twain persisted with his newfangled device and became the first author in history to write an entire book on a typewriter. That famous work was none other than "Tom Sawyer". Twain managed to overcome his technological conundrums and Ė with the help of Virtual Consulting Ė so can you.

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