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(June, 2004)

Over the years, I’ve watched many businesses evolve. Economic, political and market turns have caused various sectors to rise and fall. There are many factors in the business environment, but rarely does one come along with the consistent growth in influence and impact as that of the Internet.

The Web Has Evolved

Ten years ago, the Internet was still somewhat of a novelty and relatively unknown to the majority of consumers. Today, it has become a mainstay of consumer use in just about every industry – from automotive parts and online banking to Yahoo! searches and zip files. Our society has become oriented towards the Internet as a resource of information, entertainment, communication and - especially - service location and product purchases.

Web Consumer Sales Explode

Of vital importance to businesses, the web has become an enormous factor in consumer spending. According to the US Department of Commerce, e- commerce (web based) sales exceeded $15.5 billion in the first 3 months of 2004 alone. That $15.5 billion reflects a 28% increase in sales over the same time period last year.

Don’t give away your Sales

Part of those billions of dollars in e-commerce sales happened right here in Arizona. And remember (for the lawyers, contractors, dentists and other service professionals in this crowd), that the reported $15.5 billion in sales does not include income from referrals, inquiries or off-line purchases resulting from online searches for local services. If you are not well positioned on the Internet, you are giving business away to your competition.

Introducing Power15

As the scope, magnitude and importance of web-based sales increased, I looked ways to help my clients create and improve their internet presence. During this research, I found many schemes and tricks - and very few solid marketing strategies. I’ve created Power15 Web Marketing and Design LLC in order to help educate and assist my clients in their development of a successful and profitable web marketing strategy that dovetails with your current business plan.

If you have any questions about your existing web site, creating a new site or need help bringing what you have up to the “next level”, please give me a call at (602) 861-1738. I’ll be glad to give you the direction and help you need to make sound web marketing decisions.

Questions or comments?
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or you can call me at (602) 861-1738.

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