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"Microsoft Support" Email is Infected

(May, 2003)

Palyh Virus - Brand New and Fast Moving

A new email virus was released on Monday, May 19th which relies on your trust in Microsoft and contains a deceiving attachment. Victims are lured in by a false “From” line which gives one the impression that it is coming from Microsoft support.

As of Monday morning, major virus companies had already reported over 50,000 instances of the Palyh virus in 89 countries. This virus is fast spreading, devious and very difficult to trace.

Deceptive File Attachment

Also known as the Mankx or SoBig worm virus, Palyh has an attachment with a “PIF” extension which is easy to mistake for a picture or and Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Once the file is opened from an email it is activated and begins to spread.

Mass Mailing Worm

This virus infects a system by seeking out your email address book and distributing itself to all of your friends and associates. Like KLEZ, this viral attack may have longevity because the false email header makes it difficult to determine the sender.

Network Alert

This virus moves swiftly across network systems and infects each station. The next time that workstation is started, Palyh is activated and starts sending out emails. Network users can be attacked by this virus without opening an infected email.

Stay Protected and Informed

Detailed information about the Palyh virus, as well as additional tips on how to avoid such virus attacks and a FREE virus removal tool from Symantec are available on our site at

This may be the beginning of a series of errant Microsoft emails – so it is best to be informed and protected. Update your virus scanner, back up your important information and inform your friends and associates to avoid any unexpected email attachments – especially from

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