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Computer Maxims for 2003
Ten Tips To Keep The Doctor Away

(January, 2003)

1. Life is too short to install "hot, new" software upgrades

2. Turn it off, then turn it back on. This cures 20% of your computer problems.

3. Mice are SLOW.Learn the keyboard and you will triple your speed.

4. Cheap fixes are never cheap. The right solution will save you money every time.

5. I make a lot of money fixing Norton software, Best Buy purchases and infected email attachments. Avoid all three.

6. Buy a Dell. Buy McAfee VirusScan. Buy HP Printers

7. If it's not backed up - it's lost.

8. Computers: If they're not protected, they're infected.
     Email Attachments: If it's unexpected, it's infected.

9. A halfway-protected computer will crash.

10. Don't swear at your computer.

(January, 2003)
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