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WTC Vote Virus

(September, 2001)

The horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th impacted all of us in many ways. American’s desire to help and contribute was manifest on an enormous scale. It is a sad and repulsive fact that – in the face of such tragedy - a small number of people seek to gain profit or perverted pleasure from our remorse.


Such is the case with the “WTC” or “Vote” virus. Not only does this virus play on our emotions from the World Trade Center catastrophe, but it’s overall purpose is equally depraved. If successful, the WTC/VOTE virus will:

  • Erase your anti-virus software
  • Send itself to everyone in your address book
  • Open a “Back Door” that gives others access to ALL information on your computer – including passwords, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Erase Windows from your computer on 1st restart
  • Destroy ALL data on your hard drive
  • Reformat your hard drive – making recovery impossible

What is WTC?

The WTC/Vote virus comes as an email attachment (named WTC.EXE) which must be opened in order to become active. You are encouraged to activate the viral attachement in order to cast your “vote” to live in peace.


Like most email viruses, WTC.exe can be prevented by applying a simple rule of thumb:

Don’t open email attachments – ever!
If you didn’t specifically ask for it, do NOT open it.

Damage Control

If you suspect you have the WTC vote virus: DON’T TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER! This virus will destroy your data when the computer is restarted. Download and follow the WTC Virus removal instructions or call me immediately.

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