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How to Increase Your Speed - NOW!

(August, 2000)

Speed is the name of the game in computers. I get requests almost daily from clients who want to make their computer faster, faster, faster. Interestingly, when clients watch me work on their “slow” computer, I’m often asked “How did you do that so fast”?

This month, I’m going to clue you in to a few secret rules of computer speed. At first you may not like the answer, but if you trust me and follow through you’ll be stunned at how “fast” your old computer can go.

Rule #1 - The slowest moving part of your computer system isn’t your computer.

With some exceptions, most computer components move at a rate of speed that is almost inconceivable to humans. If your computer was a car, you’d be able to travel faster than most airplanes. If your car could travel as fast as an airplane, could you drive it that fast? Not on todays roads!

Your computer will move only as fast as you can move it. The fastest and easiest way to double your computers speed is to double your operating speed. In most cases, the computer can easily keep up. Doubling your speed is easier than you think.

Rule #2 Mice are slow.

This may be a bitter pill to take, but your mouse is slowing you down, holding you back and keeping you from excelling. He’s not your friend. While mice are necessary for some things most Windows functions can be done completely rodent-free.

Rule #3 The secret to speed is in the keys.

I have a question for you - how long does it take to get to Tucson? Why does it take that long? The answer is - because you have to travel. How long would it take if you didn’t have to travel? That’s right, almost no time at all.

When you use your mouse, it has to travel across your screen. That takes time and effort. Most things can be done by tapping 1 or 2 keys on the keyboard - and that is FAST.

Here’s an example - to open Solitaire with the mouse, you have to move around the screen and click [Start] then Programs, Accessories, Games, Solitaire. That takes time.

CTRL+ESC Activates the Start Button
Then just tap the first letter of each menu item in order. For solitaire tap P, A, G, S. Viola!

Want to close any windows program? Instead of mousing over to that “X” in the corner, try holding down the ALT key (next to CTRL) and tapping the F4 key. ALT+F4 closes any program - including Windows!

Keyboard shortcuts take a little time to learn, but the reward in speed and control is well worth it. Learn the keys and take control!

Would you like to know what one key could triple your speed on the computer? Call now and ask about our “Key Secrets” training course. Learn 7 power keys in a single hour of training! Group classes are being scheduled now!

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