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(May, 1998)

1998 Computer ResolutionsPicture’s Monday morning, 9:00am. You walk into your office with you trusty cup of coffee, sit down behind your desk, turn on your trusty computer and....uh oh. Your word processor won’t work, Excel is stuck and your accounts receivables for the last three months are missing. You scramble for the telephone and feverishly punch in the number for your favorite computer consultant - only to discover that someone else in
Phoenix started their morning the same way - and you’ll have to wait.

Recent feedback from our clients has shown that one of the most desirable features looked for in a computer consultant is fast response time. Unfortunately, this was also found to be a missing component for many computer services.

Good news is here! Bryant Enterprises has implemented a new "Virtual Solutions" program which promises to greatly reduce response time and allows you to bring a "Remote Consultant" into your office with a simple phone call.

The idea for this new program is similar to that of a doctor’s office. Rather than servicing one client at a time (with lots of travel time) by making "house calls", remote consulting allows us to service you from our office. "Virtual Solutions" puts computer service at your fingertips! Key components of this new concept are:


A great many software difficulties, installations, and diagnostic functions can be performed from a remote location, using a program called PC Anywhere from Symantec. With a simple phone call, your consultant can actually see and run your computer from our office! This new service has already proven itself to be very successful, and is our most highly recommended service. Since consulting is billed in the same manner as telephone support, you save time and money!


Problems of a more serious nature require personal attention. Unfortunately, on-site calls are time consuming and expensive. With our Overnite Service program, your computer is picked up at the end of your business day (earlier if you prefer), diagnosed overnite and returned to you the following morning. We even re-connect the computer for you upon delivery! Overnite Solutions is a full service option without paying premium, on-site rates.


Often, a little patience and a little time on the telephone can provide immediate gratification. If you have run into a problem on your computer, and need a quick solution - call us! Telephone consulting is billed at our normal rate, but the billing is per minute! For small problems, telephone support can provide instant (and inexpensive) gratification.


For some clients, on-site service is a must. Bryant Enterprises provides competent, professional on-site consulting through our "Premium Service" program. Premium service is provided at the client’s office or home at full consulting rates. Premium service requires a minimum billing time of 90 minutes.

Try PC Anywhere Free!

Remote Consulting is an exciting new way of receiving help and service for your computer needs. Clients starting before May 31st, 1998 can receive a free trial version of Symantec's PC Anywhere 8.0!

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