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Windows 98 is Coming!
Are you Ready?

(June, 1998)

1998 Computer ResolutionsThe time has finally come. With all the hooplah, delays, legal rumblings and noise - Windows 98 is finally ready to hit the shelves! A release date of June 10th has been announced, and our clients have three magic questions on their minds. Well, we have some interesting answers for you, and a big surprise....Windows 98 (or a big part of it) may already be on your present computer!

A: While Windows 98 appears to have some very nice improvements over its predecessor, many of its best qualities are kept "under the hood". In other words, the car may look the same but the engine has been completely revamped (like the new VW Beetle!).

The look and feel of Windows 98 has changed with the introduction of an "Active Desktop". The Active Desktop is a combination of the Start Button and icons of Windows 95 and a web interface which allows you to move through Windows and the Web almost seamlessly. While some (like myself) may find this new interface a pleasure to work with, you can also keep old Windows 95 "look" while still getting all the other goodies.

A: It looks good. It feels good. Testing of the pre-lease versions (called ‘Beta-Testing’) have been ongoing for many months. We have tested several beta versions, and have kept a close eye on the problems and reviews of beta testers around the United States. Professional reviews of beta releases have been exhaustive.

Our take on these reviews is that Windows 98 is not an earth-shattering, reality crushing or life changing upgrade. This is good news. It means you won’t have to go through days (or even hours) of re-training just to do the things that were easy for you to do with Windows 95. Some things will actually be easier than before, imagine that!

A great many bugs, protection faults and "glitches" which have become the trademark of Windows 95 are resolved with Windows 98. Also, all of the new hardware which has come out in the last 3 years (like your new printer, scanner, sound card etc.) will automatically be recognized and maintained by Windows.

The best news that we have heard is that your existing network, computer and software will most likely work with far fewer problems than they do under Windows 95.

A: Eventually, you will have to upgrade. New software releases will all be geared to Windows 98 and within a short time you really won’t have a choice. The question of an immediate upgrade is a different matter. If everything is working smoothly for you under Windows 95, then the "not broken, don’t fix it" approach can be applied for a while. If Windows 95 has been a wrestling match for you from the beginning, then Windows 98 may help. It’s not going to be perfect...just better!

Are you ready for the real shocker? You may have most of Windows 98 on your computer already!

Microsoft has made several quiet but very interesting releases in the last 8 months. The first one is called Windows 95 version "B". Version B only ships with new computers, but has many of the new Windows 98 upgrade features. The second release was called "Internet Explorer 4.0". This free software is no ordinary a web browser. It includes the new Windows 98 "Active Desktop" and many other bells and whistles which are the "flash" and pizzaz of Windows 98! Call us today to learn more about Windows 98 and your computer.

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