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Y2K Glitches and Fixes
How to Patch Up Microsoft Y2K Problems

(December, 1998)

1998 Computer ResolutionsLast month I showed you the lighter side of the Y2K bug. With all the moans of impending disaster and collapse of the civilized (?) world, finding humor in it all just seemed like the thing to do at the time. However, there are more than a few serious annoyances and general havoc which the turn of the millenium can play on your computer. Luckily a little time and effort can help you to solve these problems yourself, with the help of a certain mega-corporation whose name we all know and love!

Microsoft to the Rescue

While Microsoft is not without it’s flaws and antagonists, let’s face some facts. The vast majority of PC users work extensively with Microsoft applications. Most of us have Microsoft Operating systems as well. Therefore it only makes sense to offer solutions to the Microsoft Y2K problems first.

"Patches" and "SRs" - What are They?

Despite the finest quality control efforts of any software manufacturer, the sad fact is that some flaws, bugs and glitches manage to remain undiscovered until after the software has been broadly released to the public. The solution is to provide a small program which modifies the program code and fixes the problem. Small fixes are known as “patches”. A patch is often designed to fix a few problems, and there can be several different patches for a single software application.

As they mature, often operating systems (like Windows 95/98) or bundled suites of applications (such as Microsoft Office 97) require enough patches to warrant a Service Release (SR). A service release is a more extensive program which serves to overhaul a large number of known problems with an operating system or software suite.

Y2K, Patches and SRs

Most Y2K problems are solved by downloading a patch or service release from the Internet. Microsoft Office 97 users, for example, will need to download “Office 97 SR 2” in order to become Y2K compliant.

Individuals who are not on the Internet can recieve update patches and service releases from many software manufacturers. Patch and Service Release services are also available from Bryant Enterprises.

Office 97 Products

All applications built into the MS Office 97 packages are Y2K compliant after you download and run the Office 97 SR2. Once the Service Release is installed, dates with the final two digits of 00-29 will be recognized as 21st century dates. Web site for Office 97 SR2:

Windows Operating System

Windows for Workgroups: Unresolved Y2K problems. For more information:

Windows 95: Y2K patch:

Windows 98: Compliant with only minor bugs.
Microsoft’s year2000 web site has a super-abundance of information regarding every Microsoft product. This site tells you everything, there is to know about their products and the Y2K issue. Of course, the drawback is that you may have to dig through some obtuse verbage to get what you need. In my opinion, it’s well worth the time and effort. Happy Hunting!

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