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Microsoft's Latest is a Winner

(August, 1998)

1998 Computer ResolutionsWindows 98 has made it’s entrance into the world despite the ongoing legal “Clash of the Titans”. One rumor is that Microsoft’s low-key marketing of this upgrade is because the Justice Department has done such a fine job of promoting it for them! Reviews of Win98 have been for the most part positive, with more than a hint of disinterest.

Windows 98 Delivers

Clients who were with me during the release of Windows 95 know my routine - wait for a month or two and then consider the options and alternatives.

Since the final release of Windows 98, I have spent a great deal of time running our office systems through a full battery of upgrades, hardware changes, modifications, deliberate power failures, software installations, etc - all in an effort to push Windows 98 to the limit. The result? Windows98 is a strong, reliable operating system. Some of the positive aspects of Win 98 are:

STABLE - This version of Windows has dramatically fewer instances of freeze-up or illegal error problems than Win95

DEBUGGED - Microsoft fixed a few of Windows 95’s problems this time. In fact, over 3,000 Windows 95 bugs and glitches have been corrected. That’s a lot of resolved annoyances.

UP-TO-DATE - Since the release of Windows 95, there have been thousands of hardware changes. Hard Drives have gone from megabytes to gigabytes and the average computer speed has more than tripled. Windows98 knows how to handle all the new hardware technology with the greatest of ease.

SMOOTH TRANSITION - While a lot has changed with Windows 98, the overall format, layout and functionality is consistent with that of Windows95, making the transition easy for office personnel.

Not a 'Do-It-Yourself' Upgrade

The Windows98 upgrade is not the cakewalk that Microsoft would have you believe. Bryant’s Rule #1 applies for Windows 98:


PLUS! Is a Must

Once again, Microsoft has created a “companion” for it’s new operating system. Microsoft Plus! is an essential part of the Windows 98 upgrade process. Can you live without it? Yes - and you can probably live without a printer too - but life just wouldn’t be the same.

The shining star within Plus98 has to be the new McAfee Virus Scanner. This virus scanner (which I have always felt was the best on the market) is now completely integrated into the Windows system. This totally compatible virus shield offers constant protection against viruses, without interfering with your daily work. A virus scanner is only as good as it’s latest virus list upgrade and this scanner gives you 6 months of free instant virus upgrades! This alone makes MS Plus98 worth the $35 asking price.

Superb virus protection is only the tip of the iceberg for MS Plus. This upgrade is packed with file utilities, new and amazing desktop themes (which most of you came to love with Win95), multimedia upgrades, bells and whistles and of course games. Trust me, Windows 98 is incomplete without MS Plus.

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