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Virus Alert!
New “Hare” Virus Timed for September 22nd

(September, 1996)

 Victims of Hare virus will lose all hard data on Sept 22ndSymantec Corporation, makers of the Norton Anti-Virus programs have issued a strong warning about a brand new and very dangerous virus known as the “Hare” or “Hare 7610” virus.

The Norton Anti-Virus Research Center reported the following:

“The virus triggers on August 22nd and September 22nd. On either of those days if the virus is active it will display the following message: "HDEuthanasia" by Demon Emperor: Hare Krsna, hare, hare... It will then overwrite all the hard disks on the system, destroying all the data. ”

Yet even this dark cloud has a silver lining. Norton has developed a cure for this virus and has released a special set of “virus definitions” which covers the Hare virus. If you are on the Internet, you can download these definitions straight from the Bryant Enterprises web site:

Clients who are not on the Internet can simply call Bryant Enterprises and a copy of the virus definitions can be gotten to you.

Bryant Enterprises Web Site Arrives!

Need help, information or the latest update for your virus scanner? Well, your favorite computer consultants are now working to service you via the World Wide Web. The Bryant Enterprises web site is now available as your round-the-clock consultant. This new web site is designed to be a constantly expanding, leading-edge Web resource.

The Bryant Enterprises web site is located at:

Need to find something (or someone) on the Web? Check out or Search link to the largest search engine on the web!

Check out our CyberNews site for a full archive of CyberNews Issues.

Download the latest and finest web browsers with just a single mouse click.

Need to reach a consultant with a few quick questions? Email us straight from the site.

Come visit us! We look forward to your feedback and ideas.

Cyber Tips:

Last Minute Safety Valve: Still don’t have proper virus protection against the Hare virus, but have run out of time? There is still a way for you to protect yourself. Simply change your computer’s date so it is later than Sept 22nd. This is only a temporary solution, but it will prevent the Hare virus from activating. Remember, this is only a last- ditch solution. The best solution is a good virus scanner! .

A Reminder to Our Clients:

Rate Changes Effective Sept 1, 1996
As of September 1st, 1996, new client rates will be raised to $65/hr.

Existing, active clients will be kept at our present fee of $55/hr. Clients beginning service before Sept 1st will also be kept at our present fee.

(September 1, 1996)
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