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Releasing the Power of the Internet
“Search Engines” are the Secret to “Surfing the Net”

(July 15, 1996)

Alta Vista Search EngineThe Internet (World Wide Web) is an enormous source of information, free software, technical advise and business resources. Or so you have heard. While it is true that news about anything from Amateur photography to Zeppelin fan clubs can be found online, for many the Internet is simply a giant labyrinth of completely random web pages. Without some sort of “guide”, one’s hopes of finding subjects of interest on the Net fade quickly.

Although there is no definitive means of determining the actual number of people with access to the Internet, recent estimates state that there are over 45 million “netizens” or individuals on the Internet. That number is expected to increase as much as ten percent per month over the next few years. How do all of these people find the information they are looking for?

The answer is with “search engines”. “Search engines” (also called “Web Crawlers” or “Spiders”) are special, interactive web pages which allow you to find sites of interest quickly. After entering a search engine site (the Top 5 engines are listed at the end of this article), you will be prompted to type in the subject you wish to locate.

Once you have entered your topic (e.g. “Real Estate”) you are prompted to click on a button to start the search and....Bingo! You will be provided a list of web sites which meet your criteria! Most search engines will show ten web site addresses at a time, and a single mouse click on the sites title will send you to that page. Don’t be surprised if your first attempt yields over 10,000 web sites! With a good search engine and a few minutes of practice, you can learn to “Surf the Net” like a pro!

Top 5 Search Engines on the Web:
Alta Vista:
WebCrawler: .

Cyber Tips:

Windows: To change your screen saver or desktop appearance, simply Right click anywhere on the desktop and chose “Properties” from the list that pops up.

Internet: You can get the best web browser absolutely free! Download the Netscape Navigator from http://

Just Between You and I:

You might be a computer Redneck if...
You get an expensive CD player put into your computer after finding out that the little slide-out tray holds a beer can perfectly!

(July 15, 1996)
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