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Group Classes Begin at 32nd Street
Affordable Computer Training Every Day

(July, 1996)

Phoenix’s most affordable computer store now has the most affordable computer classes. Renovations on the stores new computer lab are nearing completion and class scheduling has begun.

Palyh Virus - Palyh Email - Palyh virus exampleA recent survey of customers visiting 32nd Street Computers has shown that the strongest interest for computer classes lies in the field of Windows and Windows95 basics, word processing, spreadsheet use, and surfing the Internet. Desktop Publishing and basic accounting packages, such as Quicken, were also areas of interest.

Concerned that these classes will be too advanced for you? Don’t be! All beginner classes will stress the very basics. The class format will be one of a small co-operative group. No stiff lecturing, no rote learning. Practical application and hands-on training will help all class members to gain a better understanding about computers.

Instructors for the 32nd Street computer lab are provided by Bryant Enterprises. Basic Classes will begin on Saturday, June 22nd. Curriculum schedules are available at 32nd street computers and Bryant Enterprises.

Cyber Tips:

Windows: Want to start the “Start” button without scrambling for your mouse? Press “Ctrl+Esc” buttons.

Want to flip quickly through several opened programs? Hold down the “Alt” key and tap the “Tab” button.

Just Between You and I:

You’ve been on the Net too long when...
You start referring to your spouse as
(Congratulations to Linda Dallis and Bill Hicks on their recent engagement!)

AOL Announces New Release
The real AOL version 3.0 arrives

This week, America Online president Steven Case announced the release of the new America Online. America Online 3.0 is a complete revamp of previous versions and includes high-speed graphics updates and a dramatically improved Web browser. Graphic speed within the new AOL is a clear improvement over previous versions.

To safely update to the new America Online, log onto the service and enter keyword “Preview”. You will view a virtual tour of the new America Online and can download the new software and instructions from there.

(June 15, 1996)

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