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Everything You Ever Wanted
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(June, 1996)

In a nutshell, here's the good news and the bad news ....

The Good News
The Bad News
Cost Effective - Correctly used, todays computers can pay for themselves in months. Money can be saved on printing, accounting, employee time, etc.
Confusing - Unfortunately, an untrained user can spend more time trying to print an envelope than it would take to type it by hand.
Online - The Internet (World Wide Web) has become an extremely important means of information exchange and
worldwide communication. An estimated 45 million people presently “surf the Net”.
Overwhelming - The Internet was originally organized by the government, planned by the military and designed by
computer nerds. Need I say more?
Massive Storage - The average computer can hold an enormous amount of information. The complete texts of a large
library can easily fit onto new hard drives.
Mysterious - As hard drives grow, so does the size of your favorite software package. It’s a little mind-boggling when
a hard drive that can hold the entire Library of Congress is suddenly full!
Power - New computers have incredible speed and power. Comparing new Pentiums against the massive NASA
computers used for the Apollo moon flights
Power Outage - Without the proper precautions a common electical “spike” can send your speed-of-light computer
into a black hole. A blackout can turn your 1995 business records into mush.
User Friendly - Windows programs are easier to learn than older, more complicated programs.
User frustrating - While it is easier to use computers now, “user friendly” is still a laughable term. Most computer
users have made at least one death threat against an intolerant “user friendly” computer.
Time Saving - A good software, like Quicken, can help you reconcile a confusing bank statement in a matter of
minutes. Turbo Tax can tame a ferocious tax return in only a few hours.
Time Wasting - Do you know how many hours can be spent on computer solitaire ? Not since the advent of TV has a
machine been able to mesmerize a person so completely.
Economical - Computer prices have dropped through the floor. Today a new, high quality computer can be purchased
for under $1,000.00
Esoteric - What kind of computer do you need? What is a “Pentium”? What does Windows 95 do? Is it “good”?
Deciding on the “right” computer is definitely not a simple task.
Rebuildable - Want to make your computer better, stronger, faster? Newer computers can be upgraded quickly and
Return on Investment - If you bought a new computer two years ago, don’t be surprised if you can only get pennies-
on-the-dollar for your old hardware when you upgrade.
Satisfaction - The feeling you get when you finally learn and understand your computer is worth the time and effort
invested. Take the time to learn - you’ll be glad you did!
Sanity - Using a computer program for the first time can be hazardous to your mental health. Take your time. Ask a
friend or consultant before you become frustrated. You’ll save a lot of time this way.

Disclaimer:Statements made here are strictly the opinions of the author and not to be taken too seriously.

(June 15, 1996)
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