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Summer Storms: Are You Protected?
Electricity is your computer's lifeblood, and it can suffer a severe crisis if that lifeblood courses through it with too much or too little pressure... Read More

Happy Computers: Heat and Dust
Two of your computer's worst enemies are heat and dust. Desktop computers that sit on the floor; gathering dust and pet hair are ...
Read More

Email Savvy: Staying Safe with Email
We all love our email, but it's really a mystery sometimes as to where these viruses come from. Many of you tell me "All I do is"...Read More

Back to School is Savings Time!
Traditionally, August and September mark the start of some good to great deals on electronics and is often held to be the best time to start shopping...Read More

Google Chrome Extensions
For quite a few years now, I've recommended Google Chrome as the best web browser to use. Its speed, stability and safety on the net make it an easy to use, feature packed experience...Read More

Savvy Shopper: What to look for when buying a new computer.
I frequently get questions about what to look for when buying a new computer. Here are some guidelines so you can be an educated shopper...Read More

Computer Tips, Tricks and Tools
Spring Cleaning: Did you know that your keyboard can be dirtier than your bathroom?!...Read More

Tablets and Smart Phones: Gesture Commands
"Gestures" are just a fancy way of saying "Use your fingers!" On a tablet or smart phone we can do the following to...Read More

Email Safety: Tips and Tricks
1. Open Only Links & Downloads You Trust...Read More

Wifi Troublshooting: Tips and Tricks
Here are some quick troubleshooting tips that you can follow every time you get a wifi connection problem. They work well for hard line (ethernet) connections too so...Read More

Heartbleed: What it is and how to stay safe
Heartbleed - in a nutshell. There's been a lot of hype surrounding something called Heartbleed in the last few months...Read More

Windows 8.1 and 10
Windows 8, the debate ranges on. Actually, the furor has died down quite a bit as, with the advent of Windows 8.1 Read More